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Welcome to our world of themed and branded adventures

AdventureLAB is an award-winning strategic experience studio dedicated to the creation of themed and branded experiences that will turn turn audiences into fans. Our concepts are holistic and hybrid, based on a 360-degree, audience-oriented design method that will create or strengthen relationships between customers and brands. We work with concept development, integrated storytelling, experience design, brand activation adventures and hybrid digital transformation for attractions, destinations, retail and other 21st century experience industry brands around the world.

Our team is a dedicated, dynamic collective of talented and experienced interaction, experience, theming and branding professionals from around the world. With the unique AdventureLAB organisation and our international network of collaborative partners, the team and the solution provided will always be customised to your needs. Regardless of whether they can be fulfilled by an individual expert, a group of specialists or an extensive, extended team that can take experience concepts from idea to production to launch and beyond.

AdventureLAB also provides training and acceleration programs for experience brands, and we are associated with several training providers and learning institutions, including VIA Film & Transmedia.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What Will Make Your Travel Brand Thrive Or Fall?

The travel industry needs to recognise that its game has and will continue to change. Travellers and the world they explore have evolved. Mottos about the best destinations, claims for superior service levels, and other obvious reasons for buying travel...

Thoughts On The Immediate Future Of The Attraction Experience

Contradictory to some people’s popular belief, at this time of year my home country Denmark is certainly not always covered in snow, a clear blue sky and all-around Christmassy mood. Rather, it tend to be just cold and wet. So even though I do enjoy the holiday...

Three Cornerstones To Making More Of The Retail Experience

The CEO of a successful retail franchise once shared his prescient view with the management of a shopping mall during a meeting on how to make their retail space successful: “If you don’t have family entertainment, families will not visit your mall.” In other words,...

Once Upon A Time … How To Tell Your Brand Story

Throughout human history storytelling has confirmed shared culture and beliefs, passed knowledge down from one generation to the next, and helped humans understand the world around them. The significance of stories is embedded in our collective mindset, so it’s no...

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AdventureLAB is a member of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA)
AdventureLAB is a member of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA)
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AdventureLAB is a member of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA)