AdventureLAB Audience Experience LoopThe Audience Experience Loop is a model developed by AdventureLAB to establish and continuously build positive sentiment for services, products or places. By using this approach, it’s possible to create a virtuous circle of the customer experience from the Before, During and After stages of a conversion, that ultimately leads to more conversions.

The premise of the Audience Experience Loop is that customer experience is not just the here-and-now, but consists of many experiences that lead up to and drive conversion, as well as crucial points after it. Keep in mind that every lead-in or lead-out or key experience the customer has with your brand is part of their total experience. Using this as our focal point gives us a basic guideline to figure out what is relevant – not at least when it comes to new media and technologies.

Please get in touch if you want to know more about how to enhance the total customer experience with the Audience Experience Loop.