Author: Klaus Sommer Paulsen

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What Will Make Your Travel Brand Thrive Or Fall?

The travel industry needs to recognise that its game has and will continue to change. Travellers and the world they explore have evolved. Mottos about the best destinations, claims for superior service levels, and other obvious reasons for buying travel industry services are just not going to cut it. Travel professionals need to go beyond thinking about wares on shelves, and become able to adapt and design to unique expectations. One may rightly claim that one-to-one services are too expensive for mainstream markets. That is true if you choose to ignore new ways things can and will have to...

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Accelerate Your Brand Evolution With Hybrid Thinking

Think about the word “hybrid,” and it’s likely to evoke thoughts of eco-friendly cars, new types of plants cultivated by combining those that already exist, human robots in sci-fi novels, or even crossbred dogs. By its very nature, a hybrid is a new creation, often from things that may seem incompatible.

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Thoughts On The Immediate Future Of The Attraction Experience

Contradictory to some people’s popular belief, at this time of year my home country Denmark is certainly not always covered in snow, a clear blue sky and all-around Christmassy mood. Rather, it tend to be just cold and wet. So even though I do enjoy the holiday season, I also look back with fondness on the IAPPA Attractions Expo 2016 that ended exactly two weeks ago in Orlando in sunny Florida. Should you not be familiar with the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA), it is the largest international trade association for permanently situated amusement facilities worldwide....

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Three Cornerstones To Making More Of The Retail Experience

The CEO of a successful retail franchise once shared his prescient view with the management of a shopping mall during a meeting on how to make their retail space successful: “If you don’t have family entertainment, families will not visit your mall.” In other words, if you only dedicate your retail space to shopping, the chances are that you will miss out on customers, their time and their money. This was in the days before retailers felt the dramatic impact of the shift in consumer behaviour and the fallout from the financial crisis, but it was a view describing...

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Once Upon A Time … How To Tell Your Brand Story

Throughout human history storytelling has confirmed shared culture and beliefs, passed knowledge down from one generation to the next, and helped humans understand the world around them. The significance of stories is embedded in our collective mindset, so it’s no wonder that storytelling keeps returning to the marketing spotlight. Unlocking the power of storytelling has the potential to enable you to create something that is more memorable than anything your competition is doing. But how do marketers even begin to tell “The Great Story of Your Brand”? Ask Yourself Why First of all, ask yourself why in the world...

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