Klaus Sommer Paulsen, AdventureLABPresented at the TEA EME Members Meeting at Europa-Park, March 18, 2016

In this presentation from the 2016 Themed Entertainment Association (TEA) EME Members Meeting at Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, AdventureLAB’s Klaus Sommer Paulsen talks about some of the considerations needed when creating Viking-themed visitor experiences that balance authenticity with entertainment and technology. Cultural insight, digital strategy and audience insight across time and space are all important in creating a connection with people to make them want to visit and come back again and again.

In the end, it all boils down to giving the right answer to that all-important question from the audience: What is this? The answer needs to be understandable and exciting, and if you think the correct answer is simply a Viking theme park, ride or event, you may not be able to turn your idea into a concept that will make a difference. You will need to design a deeper concept.

For any inquiries regarding this presentation, please contact Klaus Sommer Paulsen via email klaus @ adventurelab.dk or phone +45 2721 2021.


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