Such are the delights of working with early stage creative concept and story development, that we seldom get to present what we are involved with. Many times, a couple of years need to pass by before project details can be revealed. However, let us can share a glimpse of what kind of projects are currently being worked on in the lab. Projects around the world that we are very, very excited to be part of. The list includes:

  • Concept Development And Worldbuilding For A New Theme Park
  • Concept Development, Worldbuilding And Game Design For New Out-Of-Home Entertainment Experiences
  • Creative Concept And Design Development For International Expo
  • Experience Design Experiment For Destination Visitor Service Provider
  • Story Development For International Expo
  • Story Development For New Theme Park Rides

Besides this, AdventureLAB’s Klaus Sommer Paulsen is moderating leisure panels at the MAPIC conference in November 2017, and is guest lecturing in Themed Entertainment at VIA UC Film and Transmedia this fall.

More to follow, so please stay tuned.

It is a real privilege to work with so many talented people from around the world, and to be part of teams that are capable of making dreams become reality. Together, we create experiences and spaces that are truly valuable places, whether they are alive for hours, days, months, years or decades. I always look forward to the day when I can share at least some of them.

Klaus Sommer Paulsen

CEO Creative Director and Founder, AdventureLAB