AdventureLAB is dedicated to the initial steps of the creation of exciting themed and branded experiences. We define creative strategies, discover stories, design experiences and create worlds that we populate with characters. When we are done, we deliver storylines, characters and conceptual blueprints for further development and production for attractions, destinations, virtual realms or branded spaces.

Concept Development

We generate and refine ideas until they become fully developed conceptual platforms.


We discover and design storylines applicable for integrated, interactive, digital, non-linear and modular storytelling and narratives across space, time and media.


At AdventureLAB we create worlds and realms that are fun, silly, dark, beautiful and fantastic for theme parks, transmedia storytelling, interactive experiences and games.

Experience Design

We enhance and create memorable customer, audience and visitor experiences by applying design thinking and principles.

Digital Dimensions

For everything we do, we consider the relevance of the digital. Our concepts are created as hybrids across media, time and space, and we are often asked to come up with the digital dimension for both new and existing themed and branded spaces.

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