The Kvorning design & communication consortium with Electrosonic, Bruns and AdventureLAB as partners are the only Danish prequalified exhibition designer to be competing with world top 5-designers for the concept for ’TimeWorld’; Herning’s new indoor attraction focusing on time.
The concept ’TimeWorld – Nothing is Impossible in Herning’ features a strong architectural alteration of the building, an expressive exhibition and an event concept for the 5,000 m2 permanent exhibition, proposing for instance a 40-metre spiral-shaped slide. It also features the world’s biggest watch – with a diameter of 84 metres – located on the roof of the building and thus being visible on Google Earth. An integral part of the branding strategy of ’TimeWorld’.
The consortium’s concept, which ended in second place in the competition, also feature plans for handling the complex project elements during the stages of planning and development – from idea to realization – and plans for building the permanent exhibition.