AdventureLAB Virtual Master Plans for Attractions, Destinations and Branded Spaces

The Virtual Master Plan is AdventureLAB’s method for connecting the dots of every digital – or digitally enhanced – touch point that connects your business with your audience, regardless of whether you think of them as visitors or customers. The Virtual Master Plan will help you expand your reach across time and space, as it takes into account the events that happen both Before, During and After someone visits your space, be it physical or virtual. With it, you will have the opportunity to keep people’s interest and involvement from before they leave home and until long after their visit have ended. In fact, when applied in full effect, the Virtual Master Plan will help the particular experience you provide to seemingly never end, which will keep your brand top-of-mind – and keep people coming back.

The Virtual Master Plan adds a digital dimension to your space, while it takes physical space into consideration as well, creating integration between the two, whenever they overlap. Having a it created as a visual map will help you in integrating your efforts, bringing together every relevant digital, on-location, online, mobile and social media part of the customer experience as one, coherent string of experiences and activities to enhance the engagement of your audience. Its strategic layer means that every building block of it is put in there to achieve measurable goals. Its organisational layer means you will be capable of adding roles and responsibilities to your team for every step your customers take with you.

The process of constructing a Virtual Master Plan is the process of constructing both a strategic and tactical tool to help you benefit from, and focusing on, the relevant digital possibilities to help you entertain and engage with your audience. It will be developed especially for your business and delivered as both a digital, visual map and a report with overviews and best practices and considerations for moving forward. It will help you in making important choices for developing, building and operating integrated digital experiences, and it will help you in spending both the funds and the time of your business and your team in the best possible way.

Development of AdventureLAB’s Virtual Master Plans is headed by CEO & Founder Klaus Sommer Paulsen, an award-winning strategist and creator of interactive experiences and integrated marketing solutions, who has worked with digital, interactive multimedia for two decades. His background and experience as well as that of the other resources involved with developing AdventureLAB’s Virtual Master Plans ensure that they are always delivered on time, in high quality, and on budget.


If you want to learn more about how a Virtual Master Plan can help your business, please do not hesitate to reach out to Klaus via or telephone +45 2721 2021.